Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lost Pines

We had heard wonderful things about Lost Pines and it did not disappoint! It was much bigger than I imagined (not sure where my imagined lost pines came from?) but very fun and a great place for families.

The Cs LOVED the spray park by the pool area and spent most of their time running around here. I took a plethora of pictures of them here, because they were SO happy and it was easy for me to keep the camera dry. :)

Lunch poolside
The "beach"

There are lots of scheduled activities going on throughout the day. We happened upon a horseshoe demonstration on our way to...
Oh yeah, mechanical bull - HA! Ride em Wy-Guy!!

Look at that pony tail swingin'!!
No words for this pinkalicious poolside precious.
Baby love and his hot momma by the pool!
All the kids LOVED the slide!!

Honey taking Caroline for a few rides. :) Coyt and Crew did go down but decided they preferred to watch.

Little R&R in the room. I will say the one downside to so much fun at the pool is that our boys were pretty exhausted by dinner and there were still lots of fun activities in the pretty much too much fun stuff to do = good problem to have. ;)
Off to dinner
One and only picture of all the cousins together. Classic!
Don't mind if I do (Crew)
Warren Wranglers
The Bigs were playing an intense game of checkers.
Proof that we were there too! ;) Sorry for the picker in the picture.
S'mores after dinner

Caroline taking a dramatic bow
We sent the twinadoes off to bed with Daddy and he rest of us ventured over to "Glow In The Dark Putt Putt". Stacey III said it well, "Not exactly what I expected, but it was still fun!"

Then we caught part of Family Movie Night featuring Toy Story 2.

And that was just day one!! Fun Fun Fun!

Guess what we did the next day? Yep, more of the same. :)

Wyatt has apparently been taking ballet in his spare time?
Future SYTYCD contestant?

Coyt feeling a little braver on day 2.
Stacey III feeling VERY brave riding a REAL longhorn!!

He wanted to check out all the "activities" of the day, after day one we got better at checking the schedule so we didn't miss the fun free stuff!
Cutie Cowboy (in swim trunks he he)
We opted to do a little arts and crafts with the Woods that afternoon. Even the Cs got their paint on. They are still VERY proud of their cow banks.

We all came and left on different days/times so on our second night the Warrens and Woods headed home and we headed into town for dinner at the Bastrop Brewhouse with Mom and Dad.

Unique and delicious cheese fries - yum yum!!
The restaurant has a large outdoor area by the river and had a few crooked playhouses that the boys thoroughly enjoyed. Jon and Kate plus 8 anyone? :)
We wrapped up the weekend with more fun in the sun!!

Spray park love!

Lazy river with Honey.

My fabulous foursome!

I took the littles around the lazy river one at a time for a little quality time and loved every minute of it!!
Fabulous weekend. And now that we've been I can't wait to go back!!

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