Monday, January 9, 2012

ICE 2010

After Christmas we met up with the Smith side of the family to enjoy our "off Christmas" (every other year when we aren't together for real Christmas). This year we opted to forgo gifts and give instead to the charity of each families choice. And, instead of doing the typical Christmas traditions Big and Nannie generously arranged for all of us to enjoy two nights and three days at the Gaylord Texan along with all the activities and amenities going on there for their annual ICE show. DreamWorks had taken over with Shrek The Halls so there were all sorts of great family activities.

We checked in and were super excited to see everyone.

This was the view from Big and Nannie's balcony. The kids loved the indoor/outdoor feel.
They also loved running up and down the long wide hallways going to and from each activity. Truett is a bit of a runaway and LOVED for his big cousins to chase him. The most commonly uttered phrase of the trip quickly became, "Where is Truett?" Thankfully he was never too far.
First up was a Red Carpet screening of "Puss In Boots" ( I know terrible name, but what are you going to do).
Working it on the red carpet. They had flashes going off everywhere - pretty cute. Then the cat himself was there to greet his fans before sitting down to the 3D movie with a gourmet movie snacks whatever that means. ;)
Coyt and Crew made it about 5 minutes into the movie before we headed back to the hotel room. I'd be lying if I said I was sad to go, sort of enjoyed our stroll back to the room and a few quiet minutes once they were in bed.

The lights from the room at night. (Thanks for all the pictures Shelley!)
The next morning we headed to Shrek Feast.
Gangs all here!
Me and my bigs. Stacey volunteered to stay back and with the Cs while they enjoyed a morning nap. I loved the quality time with Stacey and Wyatt.
Getting into character with a townsperson.
This little man was just delightful the entire trip - not sure what inspired his especially kind, affectionate, cooperative attitude - but we'll take it!!
What better way to start your day than with Swamp Juice - a hit of course!
Shrek Waffles
Why not?
Brylie loved Princess Fiona. The boys said no thanks!
Puss in Boots was back at breakfast.
Shrek, and his long lost cousin Biggie ;).
After Sarah and Stacey completed the word scramble the whole table earned their very own Ogre Ears.

Nannie with all here mini ogres.
There was a life-size gingerbread house made with all edible products. III was ready to move in.
A few more pictures of our posse. There were just so many photo op spots, we couldn't help but snap a few here and there.
Sweet parents who spoil us all rotten!!
We are posing by one of Santa's reindeer all dolled up as various characters throughout the lobby area. This one was a mommy so it seemed an appropriate spot for a picture.

Sometimes the big babies need a lift too.Cheese!

We stopped by Santa's old stomping ground for a little red carpet free play.
Crew tried to lead us all in Yoga.
Looks like T-bird needs a lift from Uncle Stacey. :)
After everyone enjoyed a nap, and I do mean everyone, we all enjoyed a little snooze, we headed down for an afternoon of Snow Tubing.
Kung Fu Panda is a family favorite at our house and his AWESOME Snow Tubing did not disappoint.
All these picture are terrible due to the lighting and motion but you get the idea.

Aunt Sarah
Stacey III, I mean the blurry smile really says it all.
Nannie and Brylie
We had unlimited rides thanks of course to our host and hostess so we didn't have to wait in the long line and enjoyed our special treatment very much.

Sarah and Brylie showing us how to wear your scarf after snow tubing.
We wrapped up day two with a delicious dinner at Zeppole - YUM-O!
Our last adventure together was ICE. We had done this once before so we knew to get bundled up but you're never quite prepared for just how COLD it is in there Burrrr.

We are just getting started buddy.
That's more like it. Yep, they even had tiny coats for the babies.

About half way through there is an ice slide. Nannie is such a good sport!
Wyatt whizzing down.
I just LOVE that they end the story with the one and only TRUE meaning of Christmas.
The whole family :).
Coyt and Crew were delightful they whole weekend. You just never know, but they were happy to be along for the ride.
Should have known it was your big brothers making you smile such happy smiles.
It was such a great trip and special time with our family, and I'm not just saying that - sometimes the stars just align and everything goes smoothly, its rare but it does happen! Of course it didn't hurt that we love spending time together or that Debbie had everything booked and organized for us or that the big kids slumber partied in their room every night, giving us a break and time with the grown ups. Thank you Big and Nannie for everything!!!! Can't wait for our next off Christmas!

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