Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

This is how we started Christmas Eve - nice and lazy lounging around in our PJs all morning - just the way I like it!!

Eventually we got dressed, all the family made their way over and we started the official Christmas festivities. This year all the cousins participated in a book exchange. Each book was carefully selected for it's recipient and every single kiddo was thrilled with their first gift.

And then we read, I don't have pictures of every little reading pair up but it was so cute to look around the room at everyone reading or being read the new books.
I almost overlooked the mustache in this picture - HA!
My 5 Guys
Then we opened and opened and opened some more.

It was fun to watch the babies unwrap their gifts, they were clueless of course, but loved all the paper and new toys - they were our gifts last year and even though they were here for Christmas 2010, this felt like their first Christmas.

Caroline liking her sisters play dough
Little people pirate ship!
Love it!
Four is a pretty sweet age when it comes to Christmas.
Crew loved Wyatt's new TOT basketball.
Future TTU QB. :)
Based on these faces I'd say the Pillow Pets were a hit!
No doubt my favorite gift of the season. Stacey III made gifts for Stacey and I at school. They were carefully placed under the tree with strict instructions to handle with care because they were very breakable. Hot chocolate for Daddy and bath salts for Mommy. He could not wait for us to use them!!
We love helping the boys pick out gifts for each other on super secret shopping trips. They really put a lot of thought into what the other one will love. Stacey III is very methodical and when he knows, he knows. Wyatt on the other hand is all over the map and has a tough time choosing, and remembering that the gift is for Stacey. :) However, he did A LOT better this year seriously contemplating what III would like. It came down to a Lego set and Kung Fu Panda II. He did mention on the way home that he really hoped Stacey would let him watch the movie too.

Kung Fu Panda II for Stacey and Pixar short films for Wyatt - two happy campers.
Brother (in-laws) don't shake hands brother (in-laws) gotta ??? Josh and Stacey in a Christmas embrace.
Honey and GP looking through the annual photo book of 2011. What an incredible year!
After opening most of the kids gifts GP read the Christmas story and we headed out to the Christmas Eve service. We decided to leave the C's home with Daddy this year. I was sad not to have them with us but Coyt and Crew and candles and quiet just don't mix ;).

Afterwards it was jammie time for the whole family!!

Kacey passed out reindeer food and everyone picked out a treat for Santa then it was off to bed for eight precious kiddos.
And wouldn't you know it - HE CAME!!!!

Yep, for you too!

Spoons - who knew - HUGE hit.
Wyatt wasted no time getting into his new star wars character.
Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
Speaking of Ron Swanson - did you see Uncle Frank's mustache? perfect gift santa.
Intense game of 20Q.
The boys enjoying Lila's princess castle - hehe :)
My sweet loves!!!!!

We had some special visitors Christmas Day!! Biggie and Sarah, joined us. Debbie works every other Christmas so we were thrilled we were able to talk them into joining us for the day.

One of Santa's surprises was a blizzard maker Stacey wanted - only Santa would bring such a ridiculous but highly desired gift. ;) The instructions read just crank for 10 minutes - HA that sounded like forever to me but it actually went by fairly quickly and the results were worth the wait.

Wyatt woke up from a nap just as the two tiny blizzards were being finished off so he had to make his own of course. Don't tell him, but there might have been straight blue bell in the blizzard maker on round two.
What would Christmas day be without some games - Joker with Nana and Sam
and Headbands for the Smith family.

Nana loving on Crew.
We had a fabulous Christmas and feel so blessed to get to celebrate our Savior's birth with four generations of our family!! And to make memories with and pass along traditions to our boys.


Shannon said...

I LOVE THE PURDY CHRISTMAS! You look beautiful, by the way, and those boys of yours are too much. I cannot wait to see you in just a little over a week! WhooHoo! Miss you and love you!

Kristin said...

3 things: 1. The Purdy Family is Christmas jambes is my dream... one day. one day. 2. I think I could eat the C's up!!! ahhh.... cutest babies ever!!! 3. I want that blizzard maker. Love you guys! Miss you!!!