Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Months Old!!

Crew 5 months
Coyt 5 months
These two little love bugs are still keeping us busy - and sleep deprived, but it has been a really fun month . They are laughing and smiling and "talking" to us all the time. They love rolling all over the place and therefore spend a lot of time on their play mat. They have discovered their hands and can better self sooth by sucking on their fingers and are reaching for everything, including each other.

Some days I think they look just alike and others completely different. They are both looking A LOT like Stacey III to us but I still see a little of Wyatt in Coyt.

I find it a bit challenging to bust out the camera when we are out and about (go figure!) so my pictures are usually random and just taken around the house, but thankfully on the 16th of every month I'm reminded to take a minute and fire away at two of my favorite subjects. Thanks for indulging me.

Crew in Stripes Coyt in Monkeys
This ones labeled :)
Crew on Right Coyt on Left


The Junods said...

Oh my precious and adorable! I canNOT tell them apart even after STUDYING those pictures. Identical to each other and their bro Stacey. The Tech onesies are too cute! Great post. I can't believe you're able to take pictures and post to the blog. You'll be so glad you did once you're awake and look back to these sleepy days :) Love to you and all your boys!

Kacey said...

Oh Cary!!! They are edible!!!!! You are in double trouble when they get big! Chick magnets;) can't wait to squeeze them Thursday!

Shannon said...

I totally think they are spitting images of III! So glad you said that because I have been thinking it myself! I love those boys (all 4 of them!) and cannot believe it has been 5 months since they were born! WOW!

shannonmichaelis said...

They look identical in the red raiders outfits, but the others I think not so much. Preciousness! And that strawberry blond hair - love it! When do I get to see these sweet things again? And yes, look like the eldest big brother.

Katy said...

Look at those cute Tech onesies!!! Love it. Sweet blessings you've got there, CP.

I agree with Wendi===I don't know how you EVER have time, but it will be great to look back at these posts one day! miss you!