Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

"Mom, these are my battery babies. You can not touch them. I can touch them because I'm a growned up but you can not touch them. When they were in my uterus you could touch them all the time, but not now cause they're sleepin."
Oh my precious Wy-Guy...
  • Hmmmm, you think he's been hearing a lot of "don't touch the babies" lately :)?
  • Not sure how to break it to him that he in fact does not have a uterus.
  • It looks like he may have a litter of marble babies as well, which means Hungry Hungry Hippos may forever be short a few pieces.
  • He is such a good Daddy, on this particular day his battery babies spent some time in the swing and bouncy seats.
  • Sweet watch Heart Breaker. :)


Kacey said...

Oh Wyatt! You are just the little 3 year old your Mommy needs these days. You keep me laughing all the time!!

Katy said...

Well it's about time SOMEbody showed some love to all the lonely batteries in the world! Thank you, Wyatt!

;) hilarious. I always look forward to a Wy-man post.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness.... I'm laughing so hard. love it!!!