Wednesday, March 2, 2011

33 Years Young

Birthday's look a lot different these days than they once did. They are still filled with cookie cake and shared with my favorite people in the world but there are some notable differences these days. For example, I didn't used to get birthday wishes from countless people that I haven't seen or talked to in years, but thanks to Facebook, yesterday I did - and I loved it!

I didn't used to get woken up by a three year old "whispering" in my ear, "Mommy I spilled something in the kitchen and it made a really big mess. I don't know what it is but it is some kind of food and I can't clean it up." The unidentifiable food was a box of Grape-nuts and in his effort to clean it up he spread them into even the most far reaching crevasses of the kitchen. I didn't used to have to break up fights and dole out spanking and discipline before breakfast but yesterday I did. I didn't used to take me until 11:00 to get ready and out the door but thanks to Coyt and Crew yesterday it did. I didn't used to pick Five Guys for my birthday dinner but with our six pack sometimes knowing that everyone will be happy and home by bedtime trumps my desire for fine dining.

I can't say that I loved all of those moments but as I got into bed last night and ended my 33rd birthday because of some of them and in spite of others I couldn't help but feel really really blessed by all that God has done for me in my 33 years!!

And just to be clear, I did get to to go to the movies and get a pedicure this weekend, I was spoiled with gifts and help from all of our family and one of my birthday gifts yesterday was a real date with my husband to the place of my choosing this weekend. I obviously still enjoy and need time without all the beautiful chaos of our world these day. But I wouldn't trade my life at home with these boys for all the pedicures in the world...and I just need to remind myself of that sometimes when it feels like the AWOL grape-nuts are winning. :)


angie said...

Oh ode to Grape Nuts:)....why do you have a box of grape nuts BTW??! I love you and I am so thankful to be your sister! I also couldn't help but smile yesterday when we were doing Bieber's Baby Baby in Zumba because y'all share a birthday!!! I love you and enjoyed every second of your visit this weekend

seriously can you please move to the Wak?:) happy 33rd! Love you!

Katy said...

We have to keep reminding ourselves of why we do it, right?? :) So glad to hear you had a great bday.

And---sidenote--can you believe we're turning thirty THREE? what? I specifically remember you turning THIRTEEN!!! wow.

now, on to what angie was saying---puuuuuleeeeeze move to waco.

Shannon said... may NOT move to Waco without me. So - until both of us can go, you CANNOT! :-)

Loved this post. Let's celebrate you turning 33 soon. It's way past time!

Love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

As someone who ate grape nuts for 10 years but have not in the last 15, yikes for clean up!

This was a precious post - whispering and all.

Happy 33rd - are we really that old?