Sunday, January 2, 2011


We've been blessed to have lots of friends and family share in the joy of our double blessings. I apologize if I neglected to get your picture or give you a Double-Mint favor. :) But here are the ones I did manage to capture on the camera.

Julie & Caleb
Audrey and Meredith, home for Christmas break and so sweet to stop by the hospital.
Ally meeting her newest cousins.
Ryan (he was really sweet and excited about the babies, don't let that smirk fool you)
The Woodburys
Brylie, these boys have so many sweet cousin loves.
Lauren & Hank
Shannon & Katy, snuck in a quick trip from Waco just to see these little guys.
Tommy & Sharon
Nick & Wendi, they came all the way from Doha just to see Coyt & Crew, Ok Maybe not, but it was a treat that they were in town to meet our little loves.
Too bad these babies aren't loved. ;)

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shannonmichaelis said...

Little buddies with so many visitors! So sad our trip was so quick, but thankful we got to make it up there! Will be praying for weight gain, for them, not you. That made me laugh out loud! About you, not their tiny little frames. Their coloring is looking better! Will pray for the tank engines to start pumping milk at those sweet fellas!