Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Three C's

After much anticipation our little triplet cousins finally got to meet each other!!! Caroline was born on December 6th and as I have already blogged about, I was pretty crushed not to get to be there in person. Coyt and Crew came along 10 days later and Kacey was feeling the same way. It was an absolute joy to get to share our pregnancies together and I can't wait to see this triple threat grow up together.

Here I am in the hospital showing Kacey the boys.
And here we are meeting our niece and nephews for the first time!!!! I was just a little bit excited. :)
Lila and Crew
Caroline is BEAUTIFUL.
We've been thinking about this picture ever since Angie gave us the C onsies.
I'm guessing there may be some teasing about this photo in later years when Coyt and Crew are big strong boys (keep your fingers crossed) and Caroline is precious and petite. But, for the time being, she could dominate her cousins with her chubby cheeks and edible rolls.
Couldn't resist!
Kacey and I sat around all day like milk maids. It was nice to have such empathetic company.

Honey and her newest grand-babies.
I suppose now is as good a time as any to make a note of how incredible my mom is. She is always pretty amazing, but when you have a baby she turns into super woman. She stays up all night with the babies and brings them in for me to feed then takes them to burp them and change diapers and keep them until the next feeding rolls around. Then during the day she cooks and cleans and entertains Stacey and Wyatt like it is nothing. She has been here for about two weeks and spoiled us royally. She had to go back home today, and yes, many a tear was shed at the mere anticipation of her departure. I know we'll survive without her, but it sure is easier when someone is waiting on you hand and foot. ;) Thank you Honey!


Shannon said...

I have tears in my eyes just thinking about you having to say bye to Honey! She is SuperWoman and I know you are going to miss her like crazy. What a sweet picture of her holding those three preciousnesses! (I know that's not a word!) You can Kacey look beautiful in your picture and you are right....that Caroline is a looker! What a cutie! Love you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Caroline looks like she is 4 months old in that carrier photo. The 3 C's onesies are adorable! And Honey with an armload of babies - what an amazing year for your family! Love that you guys got to meet each other's babies. So sad Honey has left - only to be back soon I am sure. So thankful you decided to have those babies over Christmas break. wink wink

Miranda said...

Caryn~ I am so excited about your new journey with your 2 new little love nuggets. They are beyond precious. I can totally relate to your mom being there to help you out. I delivered on 12/10 and my mom came home with me for a week and I cried like a baby when she left. We spent last week at home (waco) and I cried like a baby again when we left. I guess no matter how old we get or how many kids we have, we always need our Nana/Honey too, to just take care of us. =) Just remember the Lord never gives us more than we can handle. Never forget that when every thing else seems so overwhelming.
Can't wait to see more pictures of those 2.

angie said...

Oh you and kacey look so pretty in that picture---definately not like you just had babies! I love the pictures of the triplets, and that Honey was able to be there with you the past couple weeks. Just remember that someone can be there in 2 hours whenever you need us! LOVE YOU!!!

Kristin said...

Crew is a live wire in all these pics... eyes open....he's ready to go! Love the pictures!!!! Praying for you as Honey has departed! Love you guys!