Friday, January 30, 2009

Indoor Adventures

This week has been a chilly one in D-town so we've had some fun days indoors. The boys waited patiently to see what these magic capsules (that Mommy got at Dollar Tree and has been saving for such a day as this) would turn into.
Oh the anticipation...(not sure how that one bare foot freed itself from its shoe and sock on such a cold day?)
Ooooooooo Ahhhhhhh
TA DA!!! 
We are now the proud owners of tiny sponge farm animals. They were actually a lot tinier than I anticipated, but hey they were $1 we're not complaining. Don't worry after some supervised fun they secretly made a trip to the trash so as not to be choked on. But not before Stacey could separate them into their friend groups by color. If Wyatt tried to mix them up he would say, "No,Wyatt,  they are with their friends." I tried to encourage him that I was confident the blue horse would like to play with the red rooster, but apparently that is not how they role on this farm.
Big and Nannie dropped off some Valentine cupcake toppers earlier in the week so yesterday the boys decorated some very eagerly anticipated cupcakes.
We ended up with some pink hair and took baths before dinner due to all the "fun" we had.
And tasty :)


angie said...

What a great idea...sponge animals:) fun! I can't wait to see those 2 cuties in person.

Katy said...

I know how Stacey feels---sometimes you just can't resist sorting by color!!! :)