Monday, January 26, 2009

Bahama Bust

I got to enjoy another girls weekend with my favorite girls a few weeks ago and celebrate Miss Payton Brown's pending arrival!!! I have known Shannon (her Mommy) since elementary school. And she has known me longer and better than anyone else in Dallas, making her and her family VERY special friends. She has been a bit of a trailblazer with this group of girls, getting married first, having a baby first (right alongside Lauren) and taking the plunge to two kids and now three before any of us. We all get to watch her lead the way and show us how it is done. Thankfully, she is an incredible Mom and sets the bar pretty high. She is also hilarious and laid back so that we all feel like we too might be able to do this multiple blessings thing someday (not the Jon and Kate 8 kids kind, but perhaps the three). Her sweet baby girl will be here in just a few days!!! I can not wait.
So back to the Bahama Bust experience. During our weekend we were going to get a little snack and it was mentioned that a few of these BFF's had never been to Bahama Buck's - WHAT!!?? Well, I of course, as any of you who know the greatness of the world's greatest snow cone would have, insisted that we give it a try. It was an unseasonably warm day so we weren't the only ones with this idea and apparently the staff that day wasn't quite prepared. We waited FOREVER (seriously it was a little ridiculous) and they messed up almost all of our orders. Needless to say I was taking some heat from the first timers for my great suggestion. And based on a few posts...I'm not going to mention any name (Shannon M) I think there still may be some bitterness floating around. Can't you just feel the anger in this picture! 

But to all you naysayers, I stand by my Bahama Bucks and say that everyone can have an off day an who among us isn't in need of a little grace and a second chance. That said, next time we're all together I'm going to remain silent when we pick out mid day snack spot, and you can drag me wherever you like. ;)


angie said...

love the BB...and that picture is pretty hilarious. Seriously they must have messed up really bad, b/c they are some good eats usually!

Shannon said...

Love it! I promise to give it another try! :-) Thank you for the sweet post. Love you!

Katy said...

I just want to state for the record that I have and will always be a Bahama fan. I also want to say that mine was DELICIOUS that day. :) I think you made a great recommendation! Bahama is definitely worth your Bucks!!!!!!!

Team Leslie said...

There's a Bahama Bucks in Dallas?? Who knew? I back you sister, I do.