Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Little Songbird

Stacey really seems to enjoy singing these days and sings along to just about the car last week he was belting out...It's too late to apologize - Hilarious!! Don't worry we usually keep it tuned to more edited selections, but sometimes you've got to let him cut loose. This is a video of him singing one of his favorites. I took it with my camera so it is dark and blurry, but you get the idea. He learned this song at Mothers-Day-Out and LOVES to sing it. He insists on holding his bible whenever he sings this particular song and since I don't know the actual song I'm not sure if there are more words or verses, but he gets caught up in the loop...My Bible Is Precious To Me, To Me, God's Word, God's Word...I know he is just singing a song, but I hope he is also learning that the Bible is precious and when you're two year old is singing about it, you can't help but feel a little convicted about how "precious" you are treating God's Word. It also doesn't hurt to have some sweet moments like these because believe it or not his days aren't always filled with sweet singing :)

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