Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Contraction Conundrums

OK I was cleaning up my draft folder and realized I never posted this. 
And of course while I wrote it only a short time ago he has already stopped saying it.
Thought I'd better add to the archives. :)

Sweet Wyatt has invented his own contraction and can't seem to keep it out of his vocabulary. Instead of saying I did not, I am not, I didn't or I am. He says I am'it. As in, "I am'it throwing the ball in the house" or "I am'it leave the door open".

Yes, it sounds like d*** it.

It is usually said alone in defense of something like, "Wyatt did you hit him?" "No, I am'it!"

Sweet thing, at first it was just funny but that little phrase seems to be a hard one to break and after constant corrections it still rears its head fairly often.

I just know it is one of those things that I'll eventually forget about and I want to remember about my wy-guy, you know, back when he used to say am'it all the time. ;)

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