Friday, February 17, 2012

I heart valentines day

I had such a fun Valentines day this year. After eleven years of marriage I have mellowed and a day full of fun with my family is all I need to feel L-O-V-E-D!

A sweet breakfast for my sweet boys.
And then a basket of ALL my favorite sweet treats from my sweet boys!!

You'll notice the tweezers mixed in. Because nothing says, I love you like, a subtle hint to tame those brows and stray facial hairs.

Of course I had actually recently misplaced mine and Stacey gets points just for listening on that one! - Love you babe!
A little bedhead breakfast with a few valentines.
They boys and I made these for their class the night before. I thought it would be great to have them "help" me, which they eagerly did, but I think I aged 10 years during the stapling help alone.
Phew, and that was all before school started. Later I got to go to Wyatt's class party. I heart U too buddy.
Cutest little class ever!
Then it was onto party #2 in Stacey's class.

Lots of loot!
You better believe these two are TAKEN, by yours truly!!
When honey came home with a Valentine treat they were thrilled! It was actually so sweet, they were on the floor crying, as is about par around 5:oo every night, and Mom came through the door with treats and they just lit up. They were so proud of their very own valentine goody bag.
Honey gave the big boys a goodie bag with a special certificate for a date with Honey and GP to wherever their heart desires.
This was our best attempt at a group picture in their cute valentine shirts from Nannie. We tried. Thanks Nannie!!
After a delicious (and very romantic with all eight of us - HA!) dinner of steak, shrimp and twice baked potatoes prepared by Stacey and Dad (YUM-O), we took Stacey III and Wyatt on a little Valentine's scavenger hunt. All this month we've been discussing what love is and what love isn't according to 1 Corinthians 13. So, I thought it would be fun to take them to a few spots along our own little "Love Story." The first clue took us to FBC Woodway where we said "I DO!"

Then we headed to the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum, or Lions club, where we had our reception. "Kids, it was in this very tunnel that we almost choked to death on the smoke of our reception sparklers." ;)
And lastly, the place where we find ourselves almost 12 years later, our new home - a work in progress.

We set up a little table and chairs and had a sweet dessert.
I think that cake went straight to my chin! ;)
Yes, of course this was posed and not a spontaneous overflow of their love - but I'll take it!
Man, am I one lucky lady or what!!


Katy said...

What a sweet day! I always love seeing how you love on your boys---all five of them! :)

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars said...

Such a fun post! You amaze me with all of your creativity with 4 boys!! And I do recall all of that smoke!!

Meg said...

you are such a creative mama!! love it all but the funniest was the tweezers for v-day...hahaha!!

Laura said...

Love this! What a great day!

Kristin said...

I love every bit of your posts... ahhhh... Miss you friend!!