Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eight Months Old!!

This month has brought lots of new developments. At the beginning of the month Coyt's first tooth made an appearance quickly followed by his second and about a week later Crew followed suit. Drooling, fussing and chewing on EVERYTHING in site came along with the four new friends. Coyt and Crew's hair has turned blond, much lighter than when they arrived in December. And just this week they officially went from scooters to crawlers. Watch out world the C's are on the move!!

Crew (check out the couture denim diaper, I know these have been out for awhile, but hilarious!! And he is workin' it!!)
Coyt (sweet thing has been a little sicky but still managed to give me some sweet smiles)
Last night in their cribs for awhile (because of the move). Coyt
Sleepyhead Crew
They are eating three meals a day and just discovered puffs and baby mum mums.
Don't let this picture fool you, while they've got the crawling down they still can't sit up!! The dismount from this position needs work - it's not pretty! Thank goodness for Honey and GP's cushy carpet.
And so it begins...

Couldn't help but include a few of this lizard baby. This is Coyt's new favorite expression? Cute huh?

My sweet precious baby C's it has been a crazy month but you have been delightful and continue to make my cup runneth over with absolute joy!!!

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Woodbury Family said...

love them!!!! that diaper is so cute - ha! i can't believe the teeth and crawling and everything else they are doing!! they will probably be running around by the time we get to see them again :) so precious!! good to "see" ya'll yesterday! good luck with the first day of school!!