Friday, February 11, 2011

Out-takes and few keepers

Sigh, my baby loves already look different from these pictures taken just a few weeks ago!
For our new years cards/birth announcements Shelley (my sis-in-law) spent a day taking a ton of pictures of us and don't for one second think that getting four boys under 5 to look anywhere specific, much less at the camera, not cry, pout, wiggle etc. was any small task!

We took lots of breaks. :)
Thanks Shelley!!

Brooke, who is one of Sarah (my other sister in law's) best buddies, of Brooke Designs offered to make our cards and used her genius to create an original design. She used the pillows in the background of the picture below as inspiration - she's a super star!! Check her out.

These are are a few of the out-takes and some keepers too.


Woodbury Family said...

awww, those sweet boys!! we got your card in the mail and it is so cute!! love the pic on the front and the other pics you took of all the boys! :) brylie keeps looking at it :) brooke did a great job! we miss you guys!! hope ya'll are getting some warmer weather! love you!!

Meg said...

oh my stinkin' holy cuteness!! i am totally biased but i just looooove me some baby boy twins!! seriously, could you be a luckier mama to have FOUR boys that are madly in love with mama?? ahhhhh. keep enjoying it and soaking it up!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Lil buddies! Now if we can just get them well! Praying for you, sweet friend. Love those sweet smiles with fuzzy little heads. Can't wait to hold those babies again soon!

Team Leslie said...

Wow Caryn - I'm so behind!! Your family of 6 (crazy!!) is beautiful. What great pictures these are.